Network HOSTING

WorldNetwork hosting services allow companies competing in the international market to quickly implement networking and computing solutions without the need of purchasing prohibitively expensive hardware and software, telecommunication equipment, networking and maintenance personnel. Hosting with WorldNet greatly reduces these expenses and provides you access to a professional IS team, dedicated servers, redundant connections and support for the latest technologies in programming and application development, databases, authoring tools, reporting tools, and much more. Clients can choose among several hosting plans that suite their needs:

Entry Host Plan
Designed to support entry level customers this package, includes all the tools required to implement your corporate global presence and elevate the image of your corporation.

Advanced Host Plan
Is an all inclusive hosting solution for medium size corporations who expect more traffic on their network and require continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Premium Host Plan
This solution enables corporations to create their VPN using our facilities.

Private Host Plan
This is a solution for companies who wish to house their server at our data center providing a secure and maximum uptime.